Monday, 2 May 2011

~~Victory Is Ours~~

iTahniah Azzie!!! Anda menang kereta!!! ngeeee~~~

Saya tahu cerita ini sudah lama, tetapi saya tetap juga mahu menulis tentangnya!!!! ekceli the day after Arsenal beat Man U, i already started to write.. but got problem with the internet connection, or shud i say, my mr.lappy is the main cause that i need to delay published this HOT story??? la sangat!!!

Football followers must be aware that EPL title this season is still open!!! yeah, as we ARSENAL The Gunners beat up MANCHESTER UNITED The Red Devil with a 1-0 score at Emirates last Sunday.. and CHELSEA The Blues followed them tightly with just 3 points different!! they must be thanked us coz there still 2 games awaiting which the next game is between both of them, Setan Merah dan Encik Biru~~ i do believe that Blues will fight to the end to defend their tittle.. ** hurghhh, berbaloi le nampaknye Pakcik Torres pindah Chelsea untuk dapat trophy!! --> only if Blues managed to 'hantam' Red Devils next Sunday... ( do i need to mark my calendar for their game??? )

owh...neway, Setan Merah will meet up Barca in UCL Final @ Wembley Stadium at the end of this month!! both were sooo NOT my team, won't care who'll win, but deep down inside don't want Man U be the champ!!! ** tidak tahu kenapa tidak suke dengan team Setan Merah ini... hahahhaa...just can't help...

ok,ok..back to the hot story... wanna tell ya 'bout the scorer that nite..AARON RAMSEY!!! He might be not as popular as RVP or Fabregas the capt!! but he will be known as well as the 2 great seniors... i do remember watched the game when he broke his leg after being tackled during a game with Stoke City back then for season 2009/2010...

see?? pity him.. this caused him a long rest, before he went to Nottingham and Cardiff City and returned back to Arsenal in March 2011..

our no 16 player!! thank u Ramsey for the great goal... u made Red Devils to wait until the last game to entitled them the champ of EPL this season..only if the managed to beat Blues and Bolton i guess the last team??? ( errr, not sure ) ** tak ambik tau tentang mereka..

wajah beliau sekiranya tidak berada di padang.. comellllll... kadang2 tgk cam ade muke owen sedikit... >_<

ok, last but not least...I HEART ARSENAL!!!

Close UP!!!

We might not be the champion this season..but i do believe that next season the title will be ours.. keep on praying.. the hope is always being there....


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