Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another Draw!!!!!!!!!!! and The Blues Took Our Spot!!

ok,ok....surrender for sure this time!!! another draw against Spurs,meanwhile Chelsea beat Birmingham 3-1 to climb to the second place took ours!!! =(((

i woke up at 415, switched on tv, 811, game against Barca-Real --> minute 42, 0-0... then 812, Spurs~Gunners --> minute 67, 2-3, cenel 817 Chels~Birm, --> minute 73, 3-0... return back to cenel 812, Spurs is given a penalty?????????? hahahhaha, ok disaster... Van der vaart scored the equalizer... pap!!! i switched off the TV!!!

Buat tahajud lagi baik~~~~~

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