Tuesday, 22 November 2011

~~ We Are The Champion ~~

Hello peeps, takmo cite panjang2~~ setelah mengharungi 120minit plus2 yang sangat mengocakkan jantung, apek saved the last penalty, baddroll scored the last ball, it is a confirmed 4-3 wins for Malaysia...


Lots of comment in FB regarding tonite finale!! one of my favourite : " sesape yang ade maid indon kat uma, sok before korang makan, baca doa banyak2" ---- hahhahaa, so cute Mama Yana... also there were also comments about 'Garuda Penyet'... sanggup ke korang nak makan?? aishhhhh....

There's lot more to be commented here, but i need to go to bed, tomorrow is still a working day for me, even Johor is announced as a public holiday~~ besday sultan~!!

Papepon, will sleep with a very sweet smiles tonite!! nite peeps~~~ adakah saya akan mimpi rimau malam ni??? daaa~~


  1. cik suri????? sejak bile awak tgk bola ni????nak soh firas men bola eh???